Monday, March 1, 2010

A Blog? That's Madness. March Madness.

Welcome to OOOH SHINY! - the official blog of Short Attention Span Girl.

Since March is my favorite month, I've decided to officially launch my brand new blog on March 1st. March has all the best stuff:
  • Spring
  • St. Patrick's Day (aka Corned Beef & Cabbage Awareness Day)
  • Pi Day
  • The Ides of March
  • My birthday
  • And it's National Craft Month
And to top it all off, the first week of March is National Procrastination Week. Which brings me to my very first Button of the Day:

Button #0298: "I Have Not Yet Begun to Procrastinate"

Click here to view this button in my Etsy store.

It's ironic, because I'm not actually procrastinating. I'm really starting this blog! Really! Can you smell the desperation?

The first order of business for this blog is to have a Button of the Day every day (well, every weekday), and Two on Tuesday. I have over 450 different button designs so far, so that should last me a while.

When I have the time, energy, and inspiration, I'll also write about other random stuff relating to my business (new items, crafty experiments, special offers, etc), my life (I should get one of those), and the world around me (I assume there is such a thing, because I see it in my computer).

Disclaimer: If I offend you, feel free to stop reading and go somewhere that better suits your delicate sensibilities. I do enjoy making fun of hate mail though, so bring it on!

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