Thursday, March 11, 2010

Give the gift that keeps on giving

St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast, and so is my birthday. The ideal gift for either of these occasions is a bottle of something deliciously intoxicating. I recommend Bakon Vodka, but go with whatever you like, from a six-pack of Guinness to a jug of whiskey. The important part is that you dress up your boozy gift with a clever bottle tag. Here's one of my favorites:

Click here to see the bottle tags available in my Etsy store.

Don't see the bottle tag you want? I'm happy to whip one up from any button design you like.

And for the Button of the Day, here's the matching design in 1" round format:

#0230: You call it a drinking problem. I call it a reality exit strategy.

Click here to visit this button in my Etsy store.

Get your green on.

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